Friday, January 17, 2003

Friday, January 17, 2003

What a fun trip I ended up having!  :)

Btw, going through security at the Philadelphia airport was almost as effortless as the Ft Lauderdale airport. 

I was quite delirious by Friday as I constantly got more & more sleep-deprived every night.  While changing planes in Pittsburgh, I called my friend, Maximus, to chat and to laugh --- which we did.  Because the gate at my connecting flight was crowded, I chose to sit on the floor against the moving walkway, literally out in the middle of traffic.  I had my headset on from my cell phone which is essentially covered by my hair.  I'm guessing I looked quite the sight, sitting on the floor, giggling & laughing to myself.  I received several conspiratorial winks & smiles (and maybe some smirks) from passers-by, including a pilot.   Someone else remarked that I was having entirely too much fun at an airport.  ;)  I think people just need to learn how to laugh more.  Mayhap I should give them Maximus' number.  ;)

Little did I know my fun would end soon.
Some asshole was sitting behind me on the plane and wildly gesticulating while he spoke to the people in the row next to him.   Every time he thought he made some important point (the boor -- yes I could hear him clearly), he would knock his hand against his tray table thereby knocking my seat.  I would have asked him to stop, but I don't think he had any self-awareness that he was doing it.  I did get to see a beautiful sunset though that made my flight a little more bearable. 

I guess it could have been worse if that asshole had been sitting next to me and tried to talk to me the whole flight.  I did my little passive-aggressive move and reclined as far back as I could to try to lessen his hand movements or at the very least just to piss him off a bit.

My lovely Galahad met me at baggage claim (the days of meeting someone at the gate seem to be long gone) and had sushi waiting for me in the car.  Yay!!!!  :)

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