Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kitten anxiety

They say animals know things.  Kitten is getting more and more anxious, although perhaps she picked up some of that from me.  I'm over mine now, so I'm hopeful she will pick up on that, too.  But she vomited yesterday  She's not good with change and probably didn't like the patio furniture in the house.

She keeps waking from her naps and crying.  I wonder if she can feel the storm that's coming.

I certainly can.  My migraine-free streak ended.  Owwie.

I barely slept at all.  Well-meaning family and friends have been texting me shit that is not at all calming.  However, one of my brothers and my father (both of whom have been through many hurricanes) were soothing.  Fortunately, my father is out of town, so he won't have to endure this.

The forecasts keep getting more and more dire.  Now it's supposed to be a category 4 that hits us.  FUCK!

I should probably text my local brother and see how he's faring.  Not that I can be of much use to anyone right now.

I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.  :(

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