Friday, October 14, 2016

I miss having fun

I laughed so much last night and really enjoy my old, fun-loving self.

I met up with a longtime friend, with whom I had sort of lost touch for years.  We were giggling in about two minutes flat, much to our Asian waiter's consternation.  The restaurant was mostly empty (not sure why, but I feel fine today, so it's probably not rumors of food poisoning).

I parked behind the sushi restaurant, and the dudes smoking out back let me cut through the kitchen.  One even complimented my attire (I wasn't dressed up).  My friend told me I had my mojo back.  I guess she was right.  I did however put blush on my face before I left the house, in case I ran into my horrible neurologist telling me I'm too pale.  (Who wears makeup to the doctor's office?)  Yes, I'm still bitter.  Sixteen migraines a month doesn't lend itself to sunbathing or playing outdoors in Florida.  Asshole.

Back to delicious sushi...

We hadn't hung out in years, so we were busy chatting and slow to look at menus.  Our waiter rushed us every step of the way.  Not sure why because there were at least 12 empty tables, and it was hours until closing.  Plus we laughed so much that we gave the place a festive vibe.

I need to start getting out more, but it's so easy to make excuses when I'm comfortably ensconced at home.  And most people wear on me in about 15 minutes.  I've been trying to force myself lately, hence the stretch yoga a few weeks ago.

Perhaps she'll move back to town and help spice up my social life...

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