Friday, October 7, 2016

dodged a machine gun

Holy shit, my Lucky Goat Milk helped again.  The hurricane wobbled north just enough to mostly miss me.  And looking at reports, it kept wobbling enough to stay offshore up the coast.  I'm hearing people on Merritt Island are not doing well, though.

My only casualties seem to be my papaya tree (RIP) and my head.  This fkn migraine, OMG.

Kitten came up to me many times during the past 24 hours, which isn't typical for her, crying and needing reassurance.  It makes me wonder if the dropping barometric pressure hurts her, too.  I had quite a few people tell me they had nagging headaches from this, and they all wondered how I deal with so many.  I didn't have the heart to tell them that their lingering headaches are nowhere near a migraine with all of the neurological shit that comes with it.

Yesterday, I had no appetite.  I knew I needed to eat, but between the crushing pain in my head and the adrenaline shooting through my body, my stomach kept saying STOP.  I forced some food down anyway.  I had to hand-feed Kitten her dinner last night, because she didn't seem hungry either.

My head is better this morning.  I'm hoping as the pressure rises, it will stay better.  I have a lot of cleanup to do.

I am so very grateful that my home is still intact.

snapped clean off

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