Friday, July 15, 2016

stairlift to heaven

My neighbor, Totoro, finally came home from five weeks of hospital and rehab bullshit.  Not that kind of rehab, this was physical therapy.  And because she has really good insurance. 

It was so nice to see her and catch up.  She had her nails painted a pretty shade of pink, which she thought was too pink, but I assured her looked great. 

She also showed me her new stair lift.   And let me try it.   I'm such a bad ride person.  It moved slowly but very unevenly, so it got me a smidge dizzy.   Perhaps the week of migraines affected my vestibular system.  That's what I'll tell myself anyway. 

Knock on whatever superstitious item you can get your hands on, but my head has been better two mornings in a row.  I slept abysmally last night, woke every hour or so with not-quite nightmares, more anxiety-fueled scenarios.  Yay for no nightmares?  :)

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