Sunday, July 10, 2016

I have much to report

I ventured forth on foot yesterday to play Pokemon.  In the heat of the day.  Not my smartest move, but it felt good to exercise and sweat out some of the migraine medications (day three, go fuck yourself, Migraine).  The only other people I saw walking were other Pokemon players.  Two little eight-year-olds on skateboards were very friendly when they zoomed by to get to the Pokestop before me.  I acted nonchalant, but they knew.

Apparently every nerd knows because two other dudes in a truck hollered at me as they drove by.  Some sexist remark you ask?  Nope.  They shouted "Pokemon" like a rebel yell.

I caught a few Pokemon just hanging out on the sidewalk.  No cool screenshots because my augmented reality isn't working.  I also discovered a dead iguana and a dead curly-tailed lizard.  No dead humans though thankfully.

dead curly-tailed lizard

iguana remnants

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