Thursday, July 28, 2016

duck and cover is your friend

I had lunch with my dad yesterday and heard an old-timey story that I hadn't heard previously.  I love when those randomly pop out.  He said back in the 1960s (pre-Wendy), when they were living under constant threat of nuclear annihilation, that he had a camper fully stocked and ready to go at a moment's notice.  He didn't just have a bug-out bag, he had a bug-out truck.  Pretty sure that makes my dad a badass.  Most likely they never would have gotten the chance to go, but when they are teaching Duck and Cover for a bomb attack, a bug-out truck seems smart.

After lunch, I stopped at a park to exercise, enjoy nature, and play Pokemon.  While I was there, I met a woman walking her dog.  She asked if I was playing and found it hilarious that her son now wanted to go everywhere with her.  We conversed a bit, and she said the park was really hopping at night, but I said I was too nervous to walk through the dark by myself.  Then she said how she wouldn't just drop her son off for hours at a time (anywhere, not just at a dark park) because he was too young, and it's dangerous out there.  He's 16.  I think our newfound friendship ended when I said she might be helicoptering. 

Just me or does that seem a bit overprotective?  I know the world has changed a little from when I was a kid, but not really.  We're merely more aware of the monsters everywhere else.  She said his phone has a panic button on it, where it drops a GPS tag and texts out 911 with the touch of a button.  The geek in me wanted to ask more about how that works, but I decided it might come off as creepy.  I'm already a grownup hanging out in parks, playing children's games FFS.  :)

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