Thursday, June 23, 2016

do you, uh, phone?

Of course you do, because we're all incapacitated without our phones glued to our hands.  My phone intermittently stopped working, displaying SIM card errors.  So, I got a new SIM card.  That didn't fix it.  They sent technicians out to my cell towers.  Nope.  They flushed the SIM cache (no fkn idea if that's even a thing) by activating my old phone and then my new one again.  Nope.  A reboot would usually fix it, but after a few weeks of troubleshooting, I opted for a new phone.  They did explain to me how my phone is a computer, and 18 months is very old for a computer.  What the actual fuck?

Now, I'm suffering from buyer's remorse.  I like how my old phone did things.  I prefer the placement of buttons on my old phone.  I liked the programs better.  I liked the virtual keyboard better.  I liked the lock screen better.

I'm trying to see the positives of my new phone.  It works, which is a big item in its favor.  :)

Wendy, be grateful that you have a working smartphone, with which to communicate to people.  Heaven forbid if you actually had to interact in person.  :)  

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