Thursday, June 16, 2016

life is impermanent

I say that to myself sometimes when I need an attitude adjustment.  Of course, that isn't a magic bullet, so I also do other things.  I connect with people.  I exercise.  I snuggle with my cat.  And I have dining room dance parties when I remember to.  Why do I always forget how awesome they are?

Sometimes I have impromptu car dance parties.  Thank goodness for tinted windows.  :)

I also remind myself that the glass isn't half full or half empty.  It's refillable.  I've been refilling mine this past month (past year?).  I keep thinking that I'm making progress, but then I suddenly drain it, and it's almost empty again.  Today is a good day so far.  My glass is full, so I raise it to toast you.


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