Thursday, June 2, 2016

raise your hand if you ever get lonely

The rest of you liars put your hands up, too.  :)  Unless someone is looking, then don't.  You'll look even weirder than you are.

Apparently loneliness is the new smoking, according to a recent newspaper article.  [Sitting is the new smoking was so 2014.]

Most of the time I enjoy my own company, but some days it's nice to connect with someone.  And sometimes it's wonderful to get out of my own head.  But, I have high standards and expectations of people I let close to me.  Logically, I know they're too high, but emotionally I let myself get disappointed.  I constantly wait for my brain to override these unrealistic expectations.  Usually it does, but not fast enough for my impatient self.  One day I'll learn how to shorten or eliminate this loop.

Step 1:  Don't be lonely
Step 2:  ??
Step 3:  Profit

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