Wednesday, May 18, 2016

sunny outside

But grey in my heart.  I want to be happy, but tears slide down my face.  I'm forcing myself to meet my workout partner at the gym.  Either the physical activity or laughing with him (or both) might help.  I'm really, really counting on it helping.

UPDATE: I cried on the drive over and wiped away the last of my tears as I walked inside.  I was hoping his eagle eyes wouldn't notice anything amiss.  Fortunately I distracted him with my delicious-smelling hair, after using my Curls Coconut Curlada this morning.

Workout helped exactly as I'd desired.  We laughed and sweated our way to happiness.  I made bird noises during a shoulder fly set, and got him to do it, too, when he did his set, although he chose a different bird.  I'm pretty sure we annoyed everyone near us with our laughter and shenanigans.  Oh well.  I needed it.

Afterward, I stopped at the store and accidentally bought dessert.  Never go shopping when you're hungry.  As of this posting, I've limited myself to just one.  So fkn ambrosial.

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