Sunday, May 8, 2016

I want home and I want it now

So fkn thankful to be home.  And still gainfully employed.

Kitten yelled at me for 20 minutes, telling me all about how scared she was when I went missing, and the hardships she endured at my other neighbor's hands.  I didn't ask Totoro this time because I thought it might be too much for her health lately.  My other neighbor lives down the block and is always adopting and caring for strays, both animal and human.  She came in twice a day to feed and care for Kitten, who never came out because she has worse anxiety than I do.

Kitten wouldn't let me snuggle her for an hour until she calmed down more.  She didn't let me out of her sight though.  Not that I traveled far.  I made a couple trips up and down the stairs.  And went out back to grab a papaya because Totoro kept an eagle eye on my house and noticed the last few are ripe and ready to be picked.

I showered and was in bed early, with Kitten joining me shortly thereafter.  She stayed all night until I woke at 3am with a horrible migraine.  I took some imitrex and waited for the Ice Fairy to bring me my ice-pack.  That bitch never showed.  I faded in and out of consciousness and took another dose at 6am.  Kitten asked to be let out, and I didn't have the heart to deny her after she was locked in all week.  I trekked downstairs to let her out and tried to stay nearby for when she wanted to check-in.  Her separation anxiety always kicks into high gear after I return from a trip.  I was there for the first one, but I needed to go back to bed after that.  The couch would not suffice.

I grabbed my ice-pack before I went back up.  Fuck you, Ice Fairy, slacking on the job.

I came down two hours later and when I opened the door, she started her panicked crying.  She spent the rest of the day in bed with me, while I listened to audio books and podcasts and ate imitrex like snacks.  After many, many doses, I have either survived another migraine or merely temporarily subdued it.  In either case, I'm grateful this awful one waited until I was home and I had time to convalesce.

Pain is a major appetite suppressant.  I'm fairly certain my jeans will fit again, but I'm happy to stay in shorts all day.

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