Thursday, May 26, 2016

apparently Death decided to visit me again later

It's been a rough week, but I'm still alive.  Not really kicking because that would take too much energy right now.  I'm beyond low in energy.  And red blood cells.  Again.  FUCK YOU, ANEMIA!

The good news is I'm getting really good at this.  I'm considering turning Pro in the Worldwide Anemia event.  That's a thing, right?

And because I'm a food hoarder, not quite on the Mormon-level yet, I managed to eat enough and feed Kitten even when I could barely get out of bed.  My food is severely depleted.  I need to stock up again.  For me, for Kitten, and for Hurricane Season.  Holy fuck, that starts in less than a week.  I don't feel mentally ready, and there's a disturbance brewing off the coast presently.

Until we meet again, Death, word to your mother.

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