Friday, May 6, 2016

the theme was food and boots

Oh, is it time to leave already?  I've been ready since Monday.  :)

I ate so much delicious food that my jeans were starting to be a bit too tight on me.  I tend to overeat at these events because I never know when my next meal will be, and I want to ensure that my hypoglycemia doesn't kick in.

I was astonished that so many men noticed and complimented my boots this trip.  I was equally astonished that not one person commented on my hair.  I typically get many remarks (not always complimentary) about it from strangers when out and about running errands.

This was an interesting week, once I got past my anxiety.  Co-workers opened up to me, talking about a friend's death, a relative's death, a pet's death, and even their own mortality.  Somehow I got caught up in my own bullshit and forgot not to judge because I don't know what people are going through.  Fortunately, I think I compensated for that later on in a few heart-to-heart sessions, where I mostly listened and empathized.  Here is your friendly reminder to have compassion when someone is annoying you, because they're probably going through some shit.

I managed to escape another chance to admit the death of my relationship.  I'm hoping I either never have to talk about it at work (hi to you denial) or it will be long enough to say "oh I thought you knew, that was years ago."

I learned from a hungover co-worker that the hotel gift store doesn't sell chewing gum because it's too messy, which is ingenious. 

And finally it was time to grab a cab and escape to the train station.  This cab was much fancier.  The air conditioning was already on and running.  He gently placed my luggage in the back, instead of on my knees.  And we chatted about various things as the mood struck.  He told me about previous businesses he'd had and been attacked at.  Fuck.  And why he left Pakistan many years ago, and how it is when he goes back to visit.

I arrived a bit early at the train station, and the train was late, so I had lots of time to kill.  I'd already eaten first and second breakfasts, so I decided it was time for elevenses.  I asked the station agent to recommend a place in this tiny little town and was hoping he wouldn't suggest the mini-mart across the street at the Greyhound station.  I was in the seedy underbelly of town.  He suggested Dave's Rockin' BBQ and started describing some wonderful pit BBQ techniques.  When I asked if they had that there, he said no.  Huh.

I walked two blocks over to the nicer part of town and found the BBQ place.  Omg, I love the ambience, the smell, the music.  I hope the food is good, too.  Mostly, I'm just happy to be on my journey home.  I'd much rather waste time here than make more corporate small talk. This place was full of regulars and character.  Lynyrd Skynyrd posters were all over the wall.  And of course, Tom Petty and various other '70s rock-bands.  Everyone knew each other (which would maybe get annoying after a while but seemed fun for now) and had a slight Southern accent.  The men looked tough.  And the women tougher. 

I saw a random dude walk up in shitty looking camo outfit and thought he was doing the macho version of cosplay.  I figured out when three more walked up in similar outfits that it's their SWAT Team.  Who knew they even had one.  Or maybe it's another city's using this town as a training session.  They went straight to the BBQ place. So I'm assuming locals.

The food was mouthwateringly scrumptious, and I ate more than I meant to, while rocking out to old '70s tunes.

The train finally arrived and as I got on, I complimented my conductor's eyelashes.  She then proceeded to give me an elaborate and detailed five minute tutorial on how to buy and install faux eyelashes.  ProTip: Use bonding glue for weaves not eyelash glue.

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