Monday, May 2, 2016

choo choo

I'm taking the train on a business trip.  This will definitely be the best part of my trip.  I'm having major anxiety already.  I had nightmares all weekend.  We were told we could wear jeans, so I'm way more casual on this trip than usual.  I hope that doesn't turn out to be a mistake.  Normally, I wear frumpy clothes.  I was once given advice on how to dress in a male dominated field.  Never sexy, never memorable.  I took it to heart over the years, and I'm sure it's saved me much grief and awkwardness. 

Today I'm throwing caution to the winds and wearing skinny jeans and boots.  I figure I'm old now and don't have to worry about looking sexy. 

A few minutes before the train is due, and a couple walks up, smoking cigarettes.  I'm already annoyed and have barely smelled their cigarettes.  I overhear the woman asking about the bathroom at the station.  The station agent says to hurry because the train is due at any minute.  They're going to New York, and now I'm anxious if they miss their train.  I don't even know them and was annoyed by them two minutes ago, but now I'm concerned for them.  I DON'T NEED THEIR ANXIETY, TOO!

A dude with fucked up sweatpants came up (almost took a pic, but I felt like it violated his privacy) and asked if he let me hold all his money (which he was pulling from an orange Velcro wallet) could he use my phone.  I'm a big meanie and said no.  Plus my battery is dying and I'm 2 minutes from missing my train.  He said he was getting on it, too.  Also, hell fucking no am I letting a stranger have all of my personal info in his hand.
Turns out he wasn't getting on my train.  He was on his way to the courthouse.  With those fkn pants, really?  I mean they looked fun and funky but maybe a judge wouldn't agree.  One leg was grey with graffiti designs, and the other leg was fuchsia.  Anyway, he distracted me, so I don't know if the New York couple made it.  But we did manage to delay the train by a minute or two while the conductor tried to make sense of his story.  She thought he was with me.  I guess my boots fooled her into thinking that.  Yikes.

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