Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Sigh, our roof sprung a leak this weekend during all that rain.  Galahad climbed up into the attic (I helped) and put a bucket down to collect the water that was dripping into our bathroom and ruining the ceiling.  Today a roofer came to give us an estimate on that plus last year's El Niño leak that we never fixed by the chimney.

Omg, first he tells me that his company is the one that repaired one of our neighbor's houses.  That one in particular stuck in my mind because it seemed to go on for months.  So, I lied and said I understood that sometimes these things happen.  He looked at the leaks from the inside and said both were simple.  Then, he climbed on the roof to get an outside view.  He came back down, wrote up an estimate, attached all kinds of references and contractor licenses, and handed this packet to me.  The man has the audacity to say they are simple leaks and it will cost $1000 all in one breath.  Wtf??? 

I thanked him for his time and IM'ed Galahad to give him the news.  We're going to see if we can get a second opinion although this guy was highly recommended.  Doesn't that sound like a lot of money for 2 simple leaks?  Can't we just use some fucking duct tape?  =p

Plus, he was a smoker.  I hate when smokers chew gum and think that masks the tobacco odors barreling out of their mouth towards me.  It doesn't.  It just makes it smell like you smoke Menthols.  And, gum chewing is obnoxious when it's snapped or done with one's mouth gaping open.

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