Saturday, April 26, 2003

Saturday, April 26, 2003

The babies are here!!!!!!!!  The babies are here!!!!!

Little Miss Birdie had her precious little chickies.  Say it with me... awwwwwwwwwwww.  ;)

It rained (big glorious lightning & thunderstorms) all day today, so I did the best thing and stayed in bed and read & napped.  It was a wonderful day.  :)  We went out for dinner at a snooty Boca place in Mizner Park called Pranzo.  The food was great, and the ambiance wasn't too weird.  I forgot how bad the whole cosmetic surgery scene was though.  I always goof about it, but the impact was harsher than I remembered.  One woman looked like she was about to fall over from being too top-heavy and yet she was wearing a tube-dress and forever adjusting & fidgeting to make it more comfortable.  I was very happy to be wearing comfortable clothes and not doing the whole beauty is painful scene --- not that I didn't primp a little bit before we went out.  ;)  And, I either looked good enough to catch a few eyes or else I looked like a freak for my lack of cosmetic surgery.  Hehe, not sure really. 

Some inconsiderate asshole ruined the end of my dinner for me.  The fucker sat down next to us at an outdoor table (bypassing the hostess) with a BIG fucking nasty cigar.  What made it worse (in my eyes) is that his woman was very pregnant.  First of all, what a dick for smoking in a crowded outdoor eatery.  Second of all, nice way to poison his unborn child.  Third, he was just an asshole in the way he treated anyone he encountered.  By the way, the very pregnant woman was wearing an ensemble that flaunted her bare midriff.  So was I, so I can't point fingers, but my waist is about 8 months less pregnant than hers. 

It was fun to go out, and the food was excellent, but I am so very glad I don't do that scene anymore.  It is so fake and reeks of superficiality.  I think my Galahad and I both came home appreciating each other all over again.  ;)

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