Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

One of my brothers gave me a Barnes & Noble Gift card, so I stopped there on the way to my chiropractor appointment.  I love books, so I thought this would be a pleasant endeavor.  Omg, I was so overwhelmed.  First of all, this one is 2 stories.  They have sections for every kind of book imaginable.  I just want light entertainment.  I'm shallow like that.  ;) 

I finally find the regular books, upstairs in the back.  Now this should be easy I'm thinking cuz as I mentioned, I love books.  But I think that's my problem, I love books a little too much.  So, whatever I buy, I will probably keep.  Therefore, I want it to be worth my time and my brother's money.  I'm way too embarrassed to buy any girly trash books like Jackie Collins.  Yeah, I know it's silly, but there you go.  I caught some man checking me out upstairs when he thought I wasn't looking.  Hehe, that was nice for my ego.

I decided on the new Carl Hiaasen novel, Basket Case, in the paperback version.  I don't like hardcover books usually.  I'm small, and they get heavy after a few hours.  Also, I like to be able to cram a book in my purse if I'm running off somewhere. 

After the book store, I stopped at Jamba Juice, which one of my friends always raves about.   Again, so many choices for me.  Plus it was crazy busy and trendy with the young college-y crowd.  Omg, I felt old for a second until I saw a girl checking me out in that bitchy way girls do to each other.  Hehe, another boost to my ego.  For those of you who don't understand that, girls only do the bitchy sizing up if they see viable competition.  It's a territorial thing.

I had never been to Jamba Juice before and not only did I have to choose a flavor, I had to choose a boost, too.  I narrowed it down to Immunity or Femme.  I was thinking the Immunity to help me battle potential ominous spots of anomalous skin or the Femme to soothe my moody girlish nature lately.  Then I considered what people would think (yeah I know I shouldn't care) if I picked either of those.  I wasn't emotionally up to listening to a probable skinny remark based on a lowered immunity system, so I settled for a possible female angst remark and got the Femme boost.  Haha, yes I realize I'm slightly crazy and put in waaaay too much thought on these types of small decisions.  Don't you feel better now when you do something crazy and can say to yourself, "well Wendy is crazy, too"?  ;)

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