Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

The last day of the year and I almost forgot to acknowledge it.  Thanks, Maximus, for the reminder. ;)

I'm not the type of person who makes New Year's resolutions.   I feel that if I want to improve myself, then I should just start whenever instead of waiting until January 1 and making a big deal of it.

It's weird to be at this stage of my life.   I never thought I'd be this age somehow and still feel like a kid.   I have no idea what I thought a grown up feels like but this isn't it.   2003 sounds so Jetsons-ish, and yet I still feel like me in a regular world.   Gah, I think I'm making no sense here, so I'll stop. :)

I did have a fantastically crazy dream last night.  Wanna hear it?  hehe, like you have a choice, just please promise not to lock me up without my Internet and a picture window. :)

I ended up in some urban gangsta' hideout (which they were getting ready to show with a real estate agent so they were tidying a bit) and the backyard was a nice wooded lot.   Anyway, upon leaving, I passed the obligatory crackho' who asked if I had an extra credit card.  I walked into some motel-esque type of place (with wet paint) where I was hoping I could call a cab.  Somehow I ended up having to cook!!!!  With this large elaborate apron-looking pancake batter distributor with grid-like holes in the bottom.  Wtf?  And the batter had sliced carrots in it.  Ewwww!   Then this really LARGE drunk woman takes her top off and presses her boobs up against the window from the outside.  This whole time, I was traveling on business and got separated from my party cuz I hopped on a Disneyworld tram and it wrecked.  Anyway, I tried calling my associates to see where they were and they were all mellow on merlot so I couldn’t get an intelligible response from them. 

There are so many places to say WTF in that I had to stop because I truly will start to think I am crazy. :)  On that note, I look forward to a zany new year.  I hope you have one as well. :)   Because to do otherwise is just plain boring. ;)

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