Saturday, December 28, 2002

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Gah!  I hate computers! 

Between my new Ethernet modem (fucking BellSouth) and our damn video card (fucking NVIDIA), I got all stressed out today.  And then, after getting hit on by a CompUSA employee (or two) and given a sourpuss from the lady at checkout cuz she didn't like my signature on my credit card (that Cranky Carol), I went in search of chicken soup at Wolfie's for my Galahad.  And it was gone!


Omfg, no more Wolfie's! 

/takes a moment of silence

Now where was I going to find good chicken soup for my health-challenged Galahad?  I was right near the largest retirement community, so I was sure there would be another deli nearby.  After listening to one woman give me the most randomly vague directions for 15 minutes to Chez Michael (wtf?), I drove off in search of the Holy Grail of Chicken Soup.  I found a deli/diner combo and thought maybe this would do.  The owner was an ass who obviously doesn't want my repeat business.  Apparently they don't like to do take-out that isn't specifically on the menu.  I could buy a cup of soup but not a quart.  Wtf?

Anyway, my new video card works magnificently.  The chicken soup was good according to Galahad.  And the crossover cable was a success to get my hub to see my new modem.  Well, sort of....  It sees it now, but I still can't connect.  Damn BellSouth!

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