Monday, February 6, 2017

science experiment

I bought some avocados at the store which were rock hard.  I asked some food people, including but not limited to Einstein, how to ripen them faster.  He said leave them on the counter.  They said put them in a paper bag on the counter with either a banana or an apple inside because the ethylene gas from the fruit would ripen the avocados faster.  I made a joke about how they were trying to poison me with lethal gasses and they didn't understand my humor and replied seriously that it isn't lethal.  Sigh.

I dutifully put two avocados in a brown paper bag with an apple.  And because I'm me, I left two outside of the bag, also on the counter, as a control group.  Every day I checked them to see which softened first.  Wouldn't you know the two outside did?  Oh well, I was pleased not to have to eat all four at once.

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