Monday, February 13, 2017

I made a mess of things

Search: How to remove contact cement from fingers

That would have been a good idea to type in BEFORE I had sticky cement all over my hands.  I didn't want to glue my mouse, keyboard, phone, etc.  So, I searched through my utility closet and found Goof Off.  Note to Self: Don't spray that indoors.  Also, buy more because a 10 year old can doesn't work that well.

I cleaned off most of it.  Enough to use the vast power of the internet, which told me to use acetone.  Perhaps it's just me, but maybe there should be a note on the cement bottle telling dumb-asses like me to think ahead because drips happen and then somehow it's all over both hands.  :)

Nah, who needs warning labels?  That's what makes life adventurous and fun. 

Plus, now I can play with peeling off the remaining contact cement throughout the day when I get bored.

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