Wednesday, December 14, 2016

where have you been?!

Just goofing.  I know I've been Missing In Action.  I'm trying to get more in the holiday spirit this year than last year.  Which isn't as challenging as it sounds, because last year I cried a LOT.  So far, no tears.  Maybe I'm all fixed now???

Maybe not.  I still didn't do holiday decor or cards, but I bought a few small tokens of appreciation for a couple of people.  That's such a silly stressor.  I don't care if someone doesn't get me a present, yet I'm stressing out if/what I should get for people I may see on Christmas.  If my gift or lack thereof upsets someone, I probably don't need them in my life.  And by probably, I mean definitely.  :)

Kitten's stocking is hanging on the mantel, so that's something. 

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