Sunday, November 6, 2016

Smaug (not her real name)

I'm pretty sure Smaug slept outside my bedroom door last night.  I heard snoring in a deep bass rumble.   And roosters were crowing sporadically.  At both two and five am.  Ahh, the quiet country life.

At about 5:30 am, I gave up trying to sleep and went to see who the snores belonged to.  Potato (the smallest of the three doggies, weighing in at 90 pounds) is a very loud snorer, but he didn't have the depth of Smaug.  This title belonged to his 150-pound Neapolitan Mastiff.  My brother's dogs are guard-trained but were affectionate to me because they'd met me the night before as family.  Smaug even let me take close-up photos of her with the flash all in her face.  Barely any came out though, because she's a fkn dragon, and they have magic.

My brother slept late, with the third dog in his room.  Winston was (still is?) seriously ill and had lost over 30 pounds.  He had an IV port in his leg that my brother routinely had to medicate him with.  The meds had kicked in, so he had lots of energy, but we aren't sure if it's a temporary boost or not.  Poor doggie.

My brother woke up and cooked me fresh eggs from his chickens.  YUM!

He knew that my energy levels were low, so we didn't have much activity planned.  Mostly we hung out, talked, and laughed.  We also fed his horses, cows, chickens, and dogs.  And by we, I mean he.  :)   But I kept him company.

Later that afternoon, we went to see ancient petroglyphs.  I had to rest a couple times making the long half mile walk from his truck.  Then it was off to buy chicken feed, which apparently costs way more than that expression would imply.  Finally, we drove off in search of dinner.  And stumbled across sushi.  In the desert.  It was really good, surprisingly.

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