Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pokémon > casino

I had to walk through several casinos (or maybe just one large one) to get to my destination.  It probably says something about me that I would rather play Pokemon Go than have anything to do with a casino.  It was like being back in the dark ages -- they allow smoking inside.  Yuck.  My eyes were burning, and my hair and clothes stunk.

On the way back, some young woman gave me a free sample of some face lotion.  She asked what I use and then suggested something for the bags under my eyes.  Just a thought, maybe don't insult me if you're trying to sell me something.  My skin is so dry here.  What I typically use to moisturize is 80% humidity instead of living in a fkn desert.  I also try sleeping more to diminish the bags under my eyes.  Bitch. Come talk to me when you're not twenty anymore.  I didn't say any of that though.  I smiled and said thank you for the sample and no thank you to injecting poison into my face.

So glad to be going home soon.  I thought the one upside of dry air would be non-frizzy hair.  Nope.  My hair was still a riotous explosion.

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