Wednesday, September 14, 2016

comfy shoes

I've been heavily debating on whether or not to quit my migraine clinical trial.  The pharmaceutical company changed the dosage, and it stopped working for me.  Not only that, but coincidentally, Imitrex stopped being effective as a rescue medication.  I've been crying to my neurologist's office, and they swear the two are unrelated.  They switched me to a different triptan, which wasn't any better. 

I was able to meet with their resident expert and get most of my questions answered.  She tabled one for a higher authority.

After much hand-wringing and soul-searching, I've decided to continue on.  Because WHAT FUCKING CHOICE DO I HAVE?  Stay on this trial that may start working again or quit and go back to similar pain and no hope.

I did get a compliment from a lesbian nurse on my comfy shoes.  So that's something, right?  :)

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