Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

My connecting flight to Dallas was 90 minutes late.  Fortunately, we made up time in the air, so I had a leisurely 15 minutes to catch my next flight.  Unfortunately, we burned up that 15 minutes sitting within 10 feet of the gate.  Well, I needed the exercise since I was missing my Friday night class at the dojo.  :)

I texted my sister, who was also connecting to that flight, that she needed to hold the plane cuz I was running for it!  The airlines told me they wouldn't hold it and since it was the last flight of the night, I might get stuck in Dallas the whole sold-out holiday weekend.  Cheerful pessimists they were. ;)  I knew how my sister is and I knew I'm in pretty good shape with a damn nice wheeled carry-on.  It never tipped!  Thanks, my friend, for letting me borrow it and thanks also to Delsey for designing it.  So I ran like a spider monkey hopped up on Mountain Dew.  Of course my next gate was in a completely different terminal. 

My sister is a smart cookie and started chatting to anyone who would listen; and somehow she got lots of people caring if her little sister whom she hadn't seen in 2 years would make the plane.   Laugh, she was the last person in line to board and yelled my name when she saw me running.  I came tearing over, and the flight attendant was very nonplussed.  He made some comment to my sis like why'd you make a federal case out of this.  :p  Of course, when I actually walked onto the plane behind my sis, almost everyone cheered to see I had made it.  And, because she's an amazing sister, she had snacks ready for me!!  =))  I had assumed I would have 90 minutes in Dallas to grab a a bite to eat.

She called my brother from our seats to let him know I had made the plane, and he picked us up with a huge smile at the Tucson airport.  :)

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