Thursday, March 2, 2006

Thursday, March 2, 2006

I tried Tai Chi again this past Sunday but at the beach this time.  Much better!  Everything is nicer on the early morning beach, well that is until the driving rains came in.  =)  Some fellow beach-goers stared at us and one brave soul even tried to follow along.  Bless his heart, it's fkn complicated.  And, we've only learned (and I use that word loosely) the first 12 or so movements.

After the Tai Chi, we started our normal workout stuff, punching sand, pushups, sit-ups, etc.  Somehow I fucked up my shoulder hanging from a beam and doing leg lifts.  I'm not sure how or why since I've done it before without injury.  Anyway, I lost 75% strength in my right arm which made eating breakfast a challenge.  (It was technically Tweensies since I had eaten breakfast before Tai Chi.)   At the time, I assumed it was muscle fatigue, but it didn't seem to get better after an hour.

The next morning my shoulder was much better but my neck was all fuxx0red, so I paid an emergency visit to my chiropractor who laughed at me for being a dumbass while torturing my every pressure point.  Then, I underwent an hour-long massage session with the nice lady with the mean hands.  Holy Shit, that hurt!  So, here I am a few days later and feeling about the same as I did three days ago.  Sigh.  If this is part of getting older, I want no part of it.  I shouldn't be this goddamn delicate.  FFS, I hurt my neck sleeping from what I can tell.  That's just plain wrong. 

On a completely unrelated note, one of my nieces is in all kinds of trouble.  I've been debating with myself having a heart to heart with her.  We aren't very close emotionally or geographically so I'm not sure how well received it might be.  But then I think at that age, kids are begging for role models and guidance --- they just don't always realize it.  But really wtf am I to tell her how to be?  I did already tell her parents what I thought of their parenting techniques while offering my condolences.  It's time for Tough Love.  Most kids are way too molly-coddled these days.  Haha, so says the mother of none.  I feel for her pain, but I know from personal experience that PityParties just lead down a useless path.  Aunt Wendy to the rescue?  Bahahahah I can't even rescue myself.

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