Wednesday, August 17, 2016

met one of my postal workers

I had to ship a package which didn't fit in my mailbox, so I waited outside when I saw the mailtruck at my neighbor's.  He was already in a cranky mood at 10am.  And I was on my best behavior because NEVER PISS OFF YOUR POSTAL WORKER.  He scanned my package in front of me, and explained in an accusatory manner that they're being cracked down on to do that.  I see why with them throwing entire bins of mail away.  I was pleased to see him scan it, although I have no fkn idea if it took.  Especially because it's not showing in the tracking system yet.  Sigh.

I wanted to ask him if he's the one who mows my garbage cans down, but I wasn't brave/stupid enough.  Besides, what if he said yes??

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