Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kitten really started a debacle here in our community.  She & this other neighbor cat can't seem to get along.  So every week or so, he chases her home and they both hiss & yowl.

Arch Nemesis

Today, another neighbor (heretofore known as Duck Lady for reasons which will become obvious) witnessed yet another catfight.  Of course Kitten is a little ninja girl, so she was inside a hedge, while her Arch Nemesis was standing outside of it like a sore thumb (or a bright gold cat), looking very guilty.  Duck Lady yelled at Arch Nemesis until he ran home.  He's a very sweet cat when he isn't around Kitten.  Then she started in on me, telling me all kinds of horrible things would happen to Kitten because he is a Serial Stalker!  Apparently she's caught him pouncing at her pet wild ducks.  I know my little girl, and although I was concerned for her, I knew she was fine because she's a ninja like that.  :)  I kind of brushed off Duck Lady while we both looked for Kitten, who of course vaporized the second Arch Nemesis had his attention distracted.

I left to run errands knowing (& hoping) that Kitten would be waiting for me when I got home, which she was.  Yay!!  I checked her out and she was fine aside from needing lots of hugs.  I went over to Duck Lady's house to apologize for being snippy with her, thank her for caring about the well-being of Kitten, and to let her know that Kitten was fine. On my way, I got intercepted by Joe (Arch Nemesis' owner). He’s all kinds of furious at Duck Lady for calling him at work to bitch about his cat. Apparently, she made him drive 30 miles back to put the cat inside. Duck Lady is a little overzealous about animals but means well. She has 1 or 2 house-cats of her own that never see the cruel, scary outside world. Joe was practically spitting, he’s so mad.  He’s ready to sue her and feed bread to the ducks. Hehe, he actually threatened that. They’re on some special duck food diet apparently. He said if he were 10 years younger, he would … and then trailed off … mumbled something about prison, then said not that he’s ever been in prison before. He’s kind of a rough-edged guy but not really that scary. Plus, he has a point. The neighborhood yentas do seem to go out of their way to harass him.

Anyway, he tells me that some other neighbor guy complained about a brown cat carting off a mouse AND mousetrap from his yard. He swears it wasn't his cat, so I went over to the direction he pointed. I knock on their door. No answer. Then, I hear Joe yell “Sweetheart”. He’s forgotten my name already. It’s been 3 minutes. He says maybe it’s actually the house next door.  So I go next door to knock and secretly congratulate myself on being so brave today. This tiny little woman answers. Hehe, okay she’s probably my size but shorter. I ask if she lives there cuz Joe specifically mentioned a man. She says yes, and I felt dumb at this point. So I started the story about the mouse & mousetrap, wondering now if Joe misremembered it. She says she’s an animal lover and would never kill anything. It turns out she & her son have been feeding Kitten cuz they thought she was a stray lol. They apparently love her (who wouldn’t?) and even gave her milk this morning. I wonder if that was before or after the fight. :P  I thanked her for being nice to Kitten and asked her to talk to her neighbor if she gets a chance, if only to let him know Kitten isn’t a stray. Fuck, I guess I should keep buying collars, even though she's lost 5 or 6 by now.

At some point, I was able to talk to Duck Lady's husband to ask him to let his wife know that Kitten is fine.  I tried very hard to keep this from escalating into some dumb neighborhood drama that shows up on the news.  I know most of you are wishing for the news because it would be funny if it weren't my neighborhood and my cat, but I ask that you think peaceful thoughts for Kitten.  The last thing she needs is to have Animal Control coming around.

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