Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Galahad went outside to go to work and discovered a half-starved feral kitty outside crying.  He came back in, got some sardines, and fed him, with instructions to me to feed him again in 3 hours in the same spot in case he came back.

I promptly threw those instructions out the window when I saw how cute & hungry he was.  I kept feeding him a bite at a time, moving the tray closer & closer to our front door.  Two hours later, and he was still yowling away and licking up every drop of sardines right on our front porch.  I let him inside the house for a bit, but he seemed traumatized, so I let him back out.  Plus, I wasn't sure how Galahad would react when he came home. 

A big thunderstorm rolled in, and I tried to get him to hide out on the porch with me, but he bolted.  Three hours later, I was missing him like crazy.  I couldn't find him anywhere.  I kept checking back in the original spot every half hour.  Finally, there he was!  I called Galahad and asked him to pick up some food at his mom's house on the way home since he was stopping there anyway.  Kitty still wasn't letting me anywhere near him.  I tried feeding him some rice milk, and that's when he just lunged himself on me and tried to snuggle for hours.

Of course I brought him inside, and he sat on my lap (purring & yowling) while I worked on the computer.  When Galahad came home, he saw him on my lap and kind of rolled his eyes at me.  But then I noticed that he had stopped at the store and bought him special food.  So, who's the bigger sucker now?  =)

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