Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I am the Intrigue

I did one of those silly personality tests, which I'll link here, but I caution you against using a real email address.  I got bombarded with 'Hey sign up now' emails afterwards.  They did honor my unsubscribe request, so that's a plus.  And I used a lesser email address just in case because I wasn't born yesterday.  :)

All that said, it was fairly accurate.  I have a combination of Passion and Mystique, which sorts itself out as The Intrigue.  I don't mean to bash this woman's livelihood because some people may find it very helpful indeed.  She promises help with resumes, etc.  I didn't sign up for that because I wasn't at all surprised by the outcome.  I've heard that some people are a bit confounded.

I find it somewhat amusing that most (all?) personality tests use only positive adjectives.  It's nice to think we're always fantastic people, but I know I have my flaws.  Passion tells me I'm wonderful to be around and inspiring blah blah blah.  I think they could probably add annoying if one isn't in the mood for excessive enthusiasm about whatthefuckever.  :)

And my Mystique tells me I'm independent and minimalist, which I also know can be annoying as fuck if one wants to see behind the logical facade.  I've had more than one person ask me to be extra verbose, when I opted for succinctness. 

The two descriptors almost seem to be opposites of each other.  As if humans aren't easy-to-categorize, simple creatures.  Ahh, well, know thyself.

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