Monday, September 22, 2008

Gamer weekend

I was trying hard not to get sucked into the new release of Warhammer. I kept telling myself the game wasn't all that throughout beta. It was fun but nothing compelling. That worked all the way until about the 3rd day after pre-release. :P Galahad and I were still sharing one account since the older PC doesn't run it that well. However, then a friend offered me a free account (hehe ty btw!!!), and the rest was history. He gave me the code Sunday morning, and since we didn't have beach workout (too much partying Saturday night for most of the class), we created the 2nd account and went to town.

Of course we had all of the proper accoutrements like pocky, wasabi peas, tequila, etc...

Anyway, next thing I know, it's 9 pm and time to watch True Blood. Sunday was all gone. ;)

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