Monday, September 15, 2008

Costa Rica!!

Yay!!! We bought tickets this weekend to go to Costa Rica. I'm so excited about a real vacation. I'm running around like a whirling dervish -- figuring out where we should go, what to do, which car to rent, etc.

I had to laugh at a line in a movie this weekend about this woman who made a plan to make plans. Wtfever. ;) It's less stressful (and therefore more fun) to have a good idea of what to do beforehand. Also, I like to be prepared and know what to pack. Like water shoes or not? Hardcore hiking boots or regular ones? Bikini or board shorts? It's not like I have every day mapped out or anything. I'm just getting ideas.

I'm sure I'm driving Galahad crazy with all of my questions. And that was just to pick a rental car (which I still haven't reserved yet). ;)

I suppose I ought to brush up on some Spanish, but somehow not knowing the language has never stopped me from traveling abroad.

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