Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I had quite an entertaining time at the dentist this morning.  Yeah, I know.  Never thought I'd say that.  :p   They called me this morning to say that my appointment this week (which was made months ago) needed to be rescheduled.  Of course, they're booked solid for the next month.  I said fine, it's not an emergency and nothing to be stressed about.  They called back 30 minutes later to ask if I could come in an hour, at lunch.  I crammed the last slice of cold leftover pizza in my mouth and raced out the door. 

When I walked in, there was quite a hullabaloo in the waiting room.  Some woman (I'm always the youngest patient by 30 years or so) was ranting up a storm at the check-in window.  I caught the eye of the hygienist, mouthed my name, and she snuck me in behind the angry lady.  I started laughing as I sat in my chair.  Then, the woman burst through the door down the hall into the room where the dentist was working.  She started insisting that she needed to be seen immediately.  She wouldn't shut up and ranted about how she hated everything in Florida.

As if that weren't entertaining enough, another lady came in after her cussing her out and following her down the hall.  She was pissed off that this BITCH as she kept calling her was cutting into her time.  Laugh, it took her about 3 minutes to make it down the hall with her walker.  She cussed the whole way until she caught up to her and then called her a BITCH to her face.  Holy shit I was almost crying.  This kept up the whole time I was there.  The staff threatened to call the police.  She said that the Trump didn't work like this.  And how uncivilized Florida is.  Laugh.  We're in the middle of fkn suburbia.  I'd like to take her to the Everglades and show her uncivilized.  Actually, I'd like to take her to the airport and tell her to never come back to Florida again.

During one of the quieter moments, the hygienist commented on how comfortable my shoes look.  I get more fkn comments on these shoes from both men & women.  It's always the same exact comment, too.  I keep wondering if it's code for "Holy shit those are ugly!"  I was wearing my Columbia mocs.  They're gray-ish and nothing special to look at.  I think it's kind of funny when women comment on them.  Most women are so wrapped up in fashion and looking good that when they see a decent shoe that doesn't torture feet, they freak out.  Maybe it's cuz I refuse to conform to fashion.  I need my feet to be comfy.  How they look is secondary.  Maybe they're really commenting on my bravery to shun convention and feel good instead.  Whatever I have to tell myself to live another day as Wendy.

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