Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

I might be stubborn.  Okay, I am; but that which does not kill me shall make me stronger, right?  Holy fuck, this may kill me.  I've had a migraine on & off (mostly on) for a week now.  They're coming on more frequently and lasting longer, although in hindsight, I'm still fortunate that the severity isn't as intense as it used to be.  Here's where the stubbornness comes in.  I refuse to go crawling back to my chiropractor every fkn week to adjust my neck.  Can't it stay adjusted ffs??

On a positive note, I had a lovely weekend in between bouts of pain.  I had sushi with my in-laws (I love them so much!), watched the new Harry Potter movie with my Sensei followed by Thai food, lounged by the pool, and read my book. 

Before I could enjoy my pool time, I had to clean it first, and the Polaris pool-scrubber thingamajig had been making me crazy for weeks now.  It's so hard for me to unscrew the Quick Disconnect (ha!) in order to clean the filter.  I'd always have to wait for Galahad to get home to do it for me or open all the valves for an hour to let the pressure out.  Today, I finally had enough and gave myself an Idiot Lecture.  As I was standing in the pool to try and unsuccessfully connect it back (more leverage from inside the pool or so I thought), I had a little light bulb go off (figuratively thankfully so I wasn't electrocuted).  I decided that Google had never let me down before, and why hadn't I bothered to Google this problem yet.  In the past, Google has helped me figure out how to un-jam the coin holder in my car and how to change the special a/c filters among other things.  I jumped out of the pool, and before I had dried off, I had my answer.  Not only was it simple and easy to do, it worked brilliantly.

I bow down before the almighty Google.  Now, if only it could help me open the jar of mixed nuts that I'm jonesing for.  I tried all of the methods I knew plus some that I Googled.  I suppose I need to keep working out.  Sigh, Galahad needs to hurry up and come home. 

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